Sunday, November 28, 2004

Indian Marriages

Attending two marriages in a week is not a joke. ( Add to it one was in Nashik ) On Tuesday I attended Yogya's marriage in Nashik. Typical Maharashtrian marriage with delicious food. I also liked the venue a lot, it was a place called Birla Arogya Mandir on the Nashik-Pune highway. Serene atmosphere.

And Today I attended Harish's marriage, a friend from the company. Typical Telugu marriage, again with delicious food. The only difference, in Yogya's marriage the food was pure vegetarian while today we had Non-vegetarian option also. I ofcourse savored the chicken and mutton dishes.

Basically by attending the above mentioned marriages I witnessed the cultural difference which exists between two states in India, not to forget that the two states also share a boundary. The whole episode, made me think. You travel 100 Kms in India, and things change. Language changes, food changes, customs and traditions change. I guess no other country in the world can claim the cultural variety which India brings. I am fascinated.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Mute Me

I am down with sore throat and flu. That explains the suffered blogging frequency. The journey back to Hyd from Pune in that AP tourism volvo was the trigger for the cough and flu I guess.

Have you guys noticed one thing, whenever you fall sick, you realize that something is wrong after you get up. I mean when you go to sleep, your body is almost normal and as you wake up you realize that your throat is itching or your body is aching. It happens to you also, right? Or does it happen to me alone?

Ok lets talk about something else.

I read on Google News that Bill Gates gets 4 million e-mails a day. Now thats one tall number. ( Irrespective of the fact that most of it must be spam and hate mails :-) Imagine your mailbox flooded with 4 million e-mails on a day. What would you do? It would take the rest of your life to go through each and every mail. ( Ok, thats a bit of exaggeration ) is a review of Matrix by a Japanese kid who is Galvin's student. Have you guys visisted Galvin's blog? Its called Kind Of Crap and its one of the funniest blog I have read. Have fun.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Coffee and Programming

Many a software professional start work in the office with a cup of coffee. Whats the reason behind Coffee being such a hit among software guys? Ofcourse, it works like a stimulant but I think there is more to it. So I visit "How Stuff Works", where I get all my answers normally.

Caffeine which gives coffee its kick, is an addictive drug which affects your brain the same way cocain and heroin do. Don't worry caffeine is milder than cocaine/heroin. But if you can't "Start" without that cup of coffee, there is a possibility that you are a caffeine addict. Caffeine normally provides high energy and heightened alertness which explains software professional's dependency on coffee.

Some Gyan :
Chemical formula for Caffeine : C8H10N4O2
In its pure form caffeine is a white powder with a bitter taste.

Some Fun :
Click here to start your day with that cup of coffee.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Waking up.......

7:00 AM. The Alarm goes, Tring...Tring...I manage to get my hands on it in the haze and daze of half sleepiness. I stop it and close my half open eyes.

7:05 AM. The Alarm goes, Tring....Tring...Its in the snooze mode. Goddammit. I get up and change the Alarm time to 7:30 and crash again.

7:30 AM. The Alarm goes, Tring.....Tring....I have to get up. Got to shave. Getup Rahul. If you enter the office canteen after 8:45, you won't be able to catch up with the damsel in the next office.

I am ready by 8:25 AM. I know its a bit late, because she usually finishes her breakfast by 8:50 AM. It takes atleast 20 mins from my place to the office. Nahh...Today I also have to stop at the laundry and give my clothes for wash and iron. I hurry up, as I am about to pull my car out of the parking, I realize I am missing something. Mobile. Now mobile is one thing which I need always. Why I even need it next to my bed when I go to sleep. I feel secure and connected when I have it with me. So I rush back to the fifth floor and get the mobile. Drive like Michael Schumaker to the office. The only difference, he normally is behind the wheels of a Ferrari while I am behind the wheels of a Maruti 800. While entering the canteen I look at the time, its 8:53 AM. She is done with her breakfast and must be already working by now. Curse myself for getting up late. Grab a Orange juice from the canteen and head for the desk.

Thats exactly how my day started.....

Coming to the weekend that was.....

Alexander of Dolce Music institute is going to give me Guitar lessons. Why I even attended the second class on Saturday. Alex is a cool dude with good knowledge about Guitar, Piano, Violin and Drums ( that's a long list ). He was in Singapore for couple of years where he was the lead guitarist of a band. He moved to Hyderabad and started DOLCE music institute. Taught me to play "The House Of The Rising Sun" by Animals in the first class. Cool huh....

After the class went to Abids and Koti to buy some books, ended up buying lots of stuff save books. Hyderabad streets are flooded nowadays with people shopping on the occasion of Diwali and Ramzan. After that tiresome shopping experience, good dinner was a necessity, we decided to go to Cafe Bahar which is famous for its Biryani. Biryani was definitely upto the expectations.

How about a movie? Rented out "Guns Of Navaron". I wanted to see this movie since a long time, never got a chance or time. In the CD shop met two gals from NIFT ( National Institute Of Fashion Technology ). And must tell you that NIFT crowd is GOOD.

Ok, so coming back to "Guns Of Navaron", if you guys have seen the movie I don't have to tell you what a great movie it is and stuff. Inspite of the fact that it was released in 1961, if you see the special effects, they are amazingly well done. And ofcourse when you have a cast which includes Gregory Peck, Anthony Quine and David Niven the movie is definitely going to be worth a watch.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Work Galore

I am buried neck deep in work. Here is how my typical day goes.

Get up at 7:00 AM. Get ready and drive to office before 8:45 AM. Work from 9:00 AM till late in the evening ( or shall we say night ) normally till 10.00 or 11.00 PM. Go home and hit the bed. Get up.......

I am in office even on weekends. Its driving me crazy.

Looks like I won't be able to make it to Pune for Diwali. Mom and Dad are definitely going to be sore over this, but can't help it. I have this BIG release on 15th of this month. Got to finish everything by then. And given the fact that I am new to this firm and to the product on which I am working on, its gonna be one helluva tough task.

Hope that things will be a bit easy after 15th.

While I was busy banging code yesterday night George W. Bush was celebrating his splendid victory over Democratic chanllenger John Kerry. I am happy about the results, I always wished that Bush wins.