Thursday, November 10, 2005

Naram Masala

Herapheri had a perfect script and some superb acting by Paresh Rawal and Om puri. Humgama again had a hilarous script but wasn't as good as Herapheri. Hulchul left me wondering why the movie was made. And now after watching Garam Masala I seriously think Priyadarshan should pack his luggage and leave Mumbai. Can't believe the same director gave us a classic viz. Herapheri.

Whats wrong in the movie? Everything. I don't know what John Abraham was doing in the movie apart from biting finger nails through out the entire length. The three heroines look the same and are equally irritating. Music is just average and frankly Mr. Priyadarshan you should have avoided all the songs. But when we set on a path to make a pathetic movie, we never stop at silly mistakes, do we. Paresh Rawal gives some respite in couple of scenes, but overall extremely pathetic movie if you ask me. Stay away.

Picked up couple of books from crossword during my visit to Pune. "Five Point Someone" by Chetan Bhagat being one of the books. Have devoured half of it. Good book, takes you back to those golden days in engineering. Would recommend. BTW, I am looking for Dune series by Frank Herbert. I have asked all the major book shops in Pune/Hyd/Bangalore. To no avail. Let me know if you guys are aware of a book store where I can get the series.