Saturday, October 08, 2005

First post from home

Yeah, all these days, I was blogging from my workplace, not that I am ashamed of. For official records, I used to do it after the office hours. Anyways, I recently got this lousy Reliance phone, so that my Airtel bills get back to three figures, but as expected I got screwed again. The scheme for which I took Reliace connection was withdrawn the day after my phone started working. Murphy is a sadist and seems to have taken a liking for me. Of what use is this phone. Wait, I can get connected from my house. Ofcourse, its not like the office hi speed thing, but decent enough to surf and read stuff in vela time.

I am off to Pune next week for a long duration. 5 days. Yes, thats long. And in all probability will be in Pune during Diwali also. Will get to unwind and relax and catch up on not so important but really needed stuff. I love this time of the year, lots of festivals and offs. Dussera, Diwali, Ramzan and then Christmas. Before we realize we'll be welcoming 2006.

Gosh, time flies by so quickly. Couple of days back I completed my one year stay in Hyd. To be honest, I have started liking this place and am seriously considering settling here. Nice infrastructure, nice food ( biryani and the spicy Andhra delicacies) and nice people. Me being a maharashtrian it might surprise you if I say I prefer Hyd to Pune. But, thats true.

And now if you excuse me, I need to cook some fried maggie for myself. I love Maggie so much.