Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Art Of Cooking

Eating out on a regular basis is sickening. Since the day I completed by 10th, I have been staying away from my parents, and that obviously deprived me from the home-made food which I always crave for. Ok, I was with Mom for couple of months in Pune but that was just a small duration. That wasn't sufficient to quench my hunger for scrimptious home food.

Thanks to Mom, my kitchen here now boasts of a gas stove, basic utensils and other stuff which is needed in the process of cooking. The kitchenware. And that doesn't stop there, I have actually started cooking at my place.

Till now, my cooking adventure has been limited to Fried Maggie,Scrambled Eggs, Boiled Eggs, Aloo Sabji, Rice, Pulav, Khichadi, Upma and Poha. ( Alright, boiled eggs and plain rice don't actually qualify as cooked food, but what the heck. ) Let me tell you cooking is fun, especially done at your leisure sipping your favorite drink and listening to "The Who". And it gives immense pleasure, eating food prepared by yourself. Not to forget the BIG bucks I am saving in the process :-)

Haven't tried chapatis yet because of a secret fear, but whatever I tried so far has been edible. Maybe I will try my hands on some exotic food cooking once I am through with the basics. Just hope that the enthu about cooking doesn't fade out and I keep feeding myself with some good home made food.

Cooking has taught me one thing though, appreciate whatever comes on the plate :-)