Friday, May 06, 2005

Back in Black !!!

You : Whats up?
Me : Nothing special. Life is just smooth.

You : Its been ages since you updated, why?
Me : Didn't feel like updating. That's all.

You : You haven't visited my blog.
Me : Yeah, didn't feel like doing that as well.

You : So what were you doing all these days?
Me : Nothing. Partying, Tripping. Sometimes working.

You : Good to have you back.
Me : Yeah, me also feels good.

You : What else?
Me : I want to get married.

You : What?
Me : I want to get married.

You : Why?
Me : What do you mean, Why?

You : I mean, all of a sudden.
Me : Well, I thought over it and feel like settling down.

You : Are you sure?
Me : Very positive.

You : So why this marriage and stuff all of a sudden.
Me : Don't know ya. Maybe I am tired of leaving alone.

You : You don't have to marry if you are tired of leaving alone.
Me : Yeah, but thats just one thing.

You : Well, what can I say? All the best.
Me : Thanks.