Monday, February 07, 2005

The weekend that was.....

I realized my flat was a mess when the landlord came to collect the rent on Saturday. He said with sarcasm, You have kept the flat pretty tidy. His remarks set me thinking and thus began "Operation CleanUp".

I sometimes curse myself for staying in a 2BHK flat, when I definitely don't need more than 2 rooms. All you can find in the hall are books. The master bedroom contains my bed and the wardrobe and the second bedroom contains my computer and the guitars with the gear. The kitchen is literally empty, not a single utensil. You might think cleaning then would be a much more simple. Believe me it only makes it tough with all the empty space in the rooms.

If not done on a regular basis, cleaning, can be a frustrating chore. I first shifted stuff from a bedroom to another so that I could do the sweeping and mopping properly. It took good 3 hours from the precious weekend hours to finish everything. It is at times like these, I am hit by the fact that I need to work out a bit. But I was happy about the results and decided to stay home and treat myself to "The Usual Suspects".

Also visited the much hyped "Hyderabad Central" mall for the first time. Being a weekend, it was stuffed with people and what can I say about the management, just one word, lousy. It took 15 minutes to park my car in the area they call "Parking Space". But the offerings on the four floors were decent enough with almost all good brands setting shops there. I had a friend with me for shopping. When it comes to shopping I have this idea in my mind about the stuff I want to purchase. I just go and pick the first thing which I like and thats it, its the end of my shopping. My friend on the other hand is an extreme end, he insists on having a look at each and every color/brand available before settling for something. And I thought only gals are finicky about shopping.

Visited the book shop in the mall but was let down when they told me they don't have "The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time". Planet-M was not to the mark, with very limited collection, but they had a DVD of award winning documentary on Woodstock.

Not to forget, I was really impressed with the alterations service which they offer. Fast and free while maintaining the quality. Managed to peep into the room where alterations were done and was amazed to see 15 tailors sitting in a very small room, speeding the machines through the trousers at 10'o clock in the night. Met at work. I wish I had my camera with me to capture that moment.....