Sunday, January 09, 2005

New Year Resolutions.......

Finding it really tough to keep up with my new year resolutions. Smoking is one killer addiction. Your body needs the nicotine and if you stop suddenly the body reacts in a weird way. I am having this irritating gum itch. Its been just a week since I inhaled that smoke from Goldflake lights and feels like its been almost ages. Its gonna be one tough resolution.

Drinking on the other hand is very easy to quit. Haven't had much trouble on that front. Just the SAD feeling when you cross a PUB while commuting.

But again as they say "Resolutions are meant to be broken", I think I will break the resolutions some day. But for the time being trying to stick with them.

Have been really busy last week. Blogging frequency has suffered due to the sudden spurt in the work assigned.

Called up a friend day before and had a long chat. Was speaking with her after couple of months. Felt really good after the talk. Decided to add one more resolution to the already tall list of resolutions. Try to catch up with old friends and be in touch with them. Once into a professional life you get tangled so much in the work that you tend to forget, there is more to life than just work.