Sunday, November 28, 2004

Indian Marriages

Attending two marriages in a week is not a joke. ( Add to it one was in Nashik ) On Tuesday I attended Yogya's marriage in Nashik. Typical Maharashtrian marriage with delicious food. I also liked the venue a lot, it was a place called Birla Arogya Mandir on the Nashik-Pune highway. Serene atmosphere.

And Today I attended Harish's marriage, a friend from the company. Typical Telugu marriage, again with delicious food. The only difference, in Yogya's marriage the food was pure vegetarian while today we had Non-vegetarian option also. I ofcourse savored the chicken and mutton dishes.

Basically by attending the above mentioned marriages I witnessed the cultural difference which exists between two states in India, not to forget that the two states also share a boundary. The whole episode, made me think. You travel 100 Kms in India, and things change. Language changes, food changes, customs and traditions change. I guess no other country in the world can claim the cultural variety which India brings. I am fascinated.