Thursday, November 18, 2004

Mute Me

I am down with sore throat and flu. That explains the suffered blogging frequency. The journey back to Hyd from Pune in that AP tourism volvo was the trigger for the cough and flu I guess.

Have you guys noticed one thing, whenever you fall sick, you realize that something is wrong after you get up. I mean when you go to sleep, your body is almost normal and as you wake up you realize that your throat is itching or your body is aching. It happens to you also, right? Or does it happen to me alone?

Ok lets talk about something else.

I read on Google News that Bill Gates gets 4 million e-mails a day. Now thats one tall number. ( Irrespective of the fact that most of it must be spam and hate mails :-) Imagine your mailbox flooded with 4 million e-mails on a day. What would you do? It would take the rest of your life to go through each and every mail. ( Ok, thats a bit of exaggeration ) is a review of Matrix by a Japanese kid who is Galvin's student. Have you guys visisted Galvin's blog? Its called Kind Of Crap and its one of the funniest blog I have read. Have fun.