Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Coffee and Programming

Many a software professional start work in the office with a cup of coffee. Whats the reason behind Coffee being such a hit among software guys? Ofcourse, it works like a stimulant but I think there is more to it. So I visit "How Stuff Works", where I get all my answers normally.

Caffeine which gives coffee its kick, is an addictive drug which affects your brain the same way cocain and heroin do. Don't worry caffeine is milder than cocaine/heroin. But if you can't "Start" without that cup of coffee, there is a possibility that you are a caffeine addict. Caffeine normally provides high energy and heightened alertness which explains software professional's dependency on coffee.

Some Gyan :
Chemical formula for Caffeine : C8H10N4O2
In its pure form caffeine is a white powder with a bitter taste.

Some Fun :
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