Saturday, October 16, 2004

Dhola Ri Dhani

Today we had an office outing to a place called Dhola Ri Dhani which is located some 11 Kms outside Hyderabad. Its an ethnic Rajasthani theme resort. Decent place if you are planning to have a office trip or some bash. I'll post the snaps once I download them to my PC.

We started from the campus at around 10:15 and reached the place at around 11:15, thanks to the suberb traffic management in the city. As we entered the resort two guys dressed in Rajasthani outfits played the Dhol ( its a kind of drum ) and lead us to the reception where we were offered welcome drinks. That would be Jaljeera if you thought something else. After the snacks we had some real fun playing cricket and football.

The lunch was savory. Ethnic Rajasthani food. Add to that the elegant servers all dreseed in Rajasthani dresses, who were forcing sweets on our plates irrespective of our needs.

As we sat on the lawns trying to come to our senses a magician showed us his tricks. This guy was really funny. He kept cracking real nasty PJs. Once he said something like "Mein pichale mahine Hawaii gaya tha, thoda hawa khane ke liye"....and broke into a hysteric laugh.

I spent some time swimming and was glad to know that I still can go two laps without a break give the fact that I was off-swimming since last one year. Nice feeling. I think I can keep off the gym for another month or two.

Yes, we also had some smoke from Hukka. In three flavors actually. Strawberry, Apple and Mixed Fruit. I liked the Mixed fruit though. And boy, it was really smooth. I was a bit reluctant initially, thinking that it would screw the throat badly. But once I took the first drag all my doubts faded away and I enjoyed the smoke. I think because of the water filters, the smoke which you inhale is not hard on your throat. We ended our party with some masala tea.

All in all an excellent outing. Hyderabad, has got this thing for theme resorts. You will find lots of them in and around Hyderabad.

Coming soon....An account of our trip to Ramoji Film City by a friend of mine and some snaps from the same trip.