Monday, October 04, 2004


After a three week stay in the company provided guest house, yesterday I shifted my base to the new flat. Shifting was fun because of the fact that my flat happens to be on the fifth floor and the escalator was out of order. Nice way to remind me that I need to work out a bit daily. Anyways after a gruelling Sunday afternoon and evening I was able to get the flat fixed with all the necessities. By 8 PM I was hungry as hell and had some really good food at a joint close to my place.

As I spent some time listening to "Vivaldi" and reading "1984" before going to bed, I started feeling uncomfortable and felt that the life in Pune was a better option and the decision to shift to Hyderabad was a mistake. After much introspection I came to the conclusion that the secluded surroundings were indirectly responsible for triggering the sudden thoughts. Its not that I am not used to stay alone but since last year or so I have been staying with my parents in Pune and it definitely makes you dependent(and I hate being dependent). I understood why they say "Man is a social animal". Anyways I am sure I will get used to this solitude and get something constructive out of it. Few things which I have planned.

1) Start strumming my guitar again ( This one has been on plans since ages )
2) Finish reading all the novels which I have accumulated recently.
3) Create a new skin for my blog. ( Inspired by Akshay )