Thursday, September 16, 2004

Watching TV

At times watching TV can be a really frustrating experience. After a hectic day I decide to kill time by watching some TV before hitting bed. So I switch on the TV. Start surfing the channels. You know what is the problem with so many channels? You have so many options but hardly anything worth watching. I decide to put some songs. Good thing about this is you don't have to really get into a "Watching TV mood", you can just switch to other channel if the songs get irksome.

I switch to Mtv. Now, the Mtv guys are really lousy. Other music channels throw in a couple of ads between 3-4 songs. Mtv people throw in a song between ads. Its really frustrating. The songs which they play simply adds to that frustration. Nowadays they play mainly those loose remixes with loads of flesh in the videos. When I switched to Mtv they were playing "Lekar Hum Diwana Dil" remix. I am sure if Panchamda would have been around listening that, he would have regretted being alive. Some ads and they play the next song. "Ye raat bhigi bhigi" remix by Nitin Bali. You guys know Nitin Bali, right? What? You don't know who Nitin Bali is? For chrissake? He is India's answer to Johnny Cash. Nitin is one cool dude (or that's what he thinks ). I don't know why he is carrying that guitar with him in the video. He pretends playing the lead in the song. No Mr. Bali, you can't fool around. Smart viewers ( like me ) can easily make out that you don't even know how to hold a guitar, forget about playing a song. But if you look at the video from artistic view its done pretty well. I mean its not vulgar. Its sensuous. You know what I mean. BTW do you guys remember there used to be a program called "House Of Noise" on Channel V? What happened to that? I remember they used to play really cool numbers. But that's a different story.

I get bored very soon and decide to switch to something more meaningful. How about a news channel? I change to CNN. I get a detailed report about how 5 demonstrators managed to get into House of Commons (British Parliament) to protest a ban on fox hunting. Yes, you read it right. Fox hunting.

I decide to switch off the TV. Start reading "The Dilbert Principle" to cheer things up. Much better option than watching TV.

PS :
Guys, I am not able to post replies to the comments. ( The company firewall is not allowing me. I know it sounds ridiculous. I am able to post a blog without any problem, but when I try to post a reply to a comment by a fellow reader I just get the "Company's internet policy" webpage )

So don't get down if you don't see any reply to your comments. I am not avoiding you. If you mail me and still don't get any reply, I am definitely avoiding you :-)