Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Bangalore Trip - II

Life is hectic suddenly with tons of work , but it gets over this weekend. And I expect my next week to be free. Had to fly to Bangalore last week for some urgent official work and am still stuck up with that. How I hate last minute issues.....

But the stay here has been pleasant. After witnessing that heavy downpour in Pune for weeks the sunny weather in Bangalore was a welcome change. Bangalore has been a fav city for me since I visited it first during my final year.

But I can see the infrastructure crumbling under the steady increase of traffic on Bangalore roads. It takes more than an hour to rech Airport road from BTM during peak hours. The flyover construction at Airport Road junction and Bannerghatta Road junction is still incomplete. I remember it started well before I left Bangalore for Pune almost a year back. And I don't think it will be completed within a year. Lousy state of affairs.

One more thing which I don't like about Bangalore is the lack of good cinema halls. Just one multiplex....that too somewhere on the outskirts of the city.

Recently there was a strike called by the Kannada Film Producers Assoc.
There demands....
1) Release all non-Kannada movies after 6 weeks from the date of the national release. ( I will have to wait for 6 weeks to see any English/Hindi movies which are released in India )
2) Rollback the decision to reduce entertainment tax from 70% to 40% for non-Kannada movies. ( I will have to spend more money for watching a non-Kannada movie )

Sounds ridiculous....Isn't it?

On the reading front, finished reading Jules Verne's "A journey to the center of the earth". Its an average novel. Maybe I was expecting too much. Yesterday started HP but was bored after reading couple of chapters.

Have started Dan Brown's Deception Point and it definitely is promising.