Thursday, August 05, 2004

Don't Get Bangalored !!!

Thanks to outsourcing, Bangalore has become a verb and don't be surprised if you see it in the next Webster edition. Apparently a US online anti-sourcing website is now marketing T-shirts saying “Don’t get Bangalored”.

The dictionary of old and new words actually has an entry for "BANGALORED".

I really don't understand the hue and cry over outsourcing. The very proponents of free world trade are making an issue out of outsourcing. Yeah, we know that its an election year in US of A. But I am really scared of that dumb Kerry. If he finds himself in White House, its sure going to be one tough job for us. I sincerely think no matter how stupid Bush is, he will make a better prez than Kerry. Atleast India will be assured about her IT and ITES success stories.

Back to home and rains play havoc in Maharashtra. Following pic tells Mumbai's monsoon story.