Friday, July 23, 2004

My Guitar Memoirs

Friday, the most awaited day of the week. No special plans for the week. Just planning to take out my good old Guitar from the shambles and strum a bit.

The very mention of my Guitar takes me back to those days in BITS where I spent the most memorable four years of my life. It was third year in Engineering. The most important year academically. Never really made a big difference for me though. I was hell bent on learning Guitar. John my good friend was the lead guitarist of the college band. He was pretty good at it. He promised that he will teach me and SamT on weekends. Sumukh aka Kullu had bought this new Guitar from Delhi and had got some nice bashing from his parents for doing everthing except studies at BITS. He was hoping that some one buys the Guitar before we head for our summer vacations because he didn't have the guts to carry it home. He found a perfect buyer in me. Atul Gupta our beloved wingie also had a Guitar in his rooms, the only problem with his Guitar were the strings. Only two of them. Even now I can't control laughing when I am reminded of Atul playing his two string Guitar.

I was a proud owner of a new Givson.  John our master used to teach us chords and tabs of some easy to learn songs. We were always in awe, John used to play Guitar without any effort, as if the Guitar was just an extension of his body. I learned my basics from him. Actually he taught a great deal about Guitar and the music theory. Then I had made my mind to give considerable time to Guitar learning once out of that concentration camp they call BITS. But after I left campus it never worked. Once into a professional life and you know how things are. Never found the time to change the rusted strings forget about learning some new stuff.