Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Trip to Bangalooru....

Came back to Pune yesterday. The stay at Bangalore was pleasant thanks to the ever cool climate and buddies. I just love Bangalore. Can't seem to get enough !!! Visited the most talked about mall of the season...."The Forum" !!! Its cool.....I liked the multipurpose store landmark....I was looking for some Dave Matthews Band's tapes since ages and found them there.

Visit to Bangalore would have been incomplete without a visit to Maharaja. Went there twice with Nikhil.( Once for the delicious Andhra stype chicken biryani and once for the lunch ) One thing which I really miss in Pune is Maharaja's chicken biryani. I have had chicken biryani at "Tiranga" and some other place in Camp , but they are no real match to what I used to have at Maharaja's.

Ended the trip with a great party. Me, Sandy, Jayanth and Maddy visited this place called Bageecha which is on the outskirts of Bangalore. Nice ambience.....Decent food.....Costly booze. It was great to hear the brief account of Jayanth's shortlisted three candidates. Maddy has changed a lot, now he carries a mobile and keeps roaming in the hotel. Sandy was as cool as ever.