Monday, August 02, 2004

Walk down the memory lane......

Last Friday saw six Shahuites gather at the Bamboo House restaurant near Shivaji Nagar to celebrate Girish's stupendous success. Me and Girish reached Deccan at 6:45 and as expected no one was around. We decided to head for Bamboo House since it was drizzling. Amit joined us in couple of minutes. I was the only one with a drastic change in BMI since our Shahu days. Manish and Srihari arrived and the stage was set for an eventful evening.

We talked about our profs, gals from our batch and all the incidents which shall be part of our memories forever.

Some personal observations I made during the meet.

Girish : Not much changes since our 12th. Found out that he is gifted with a supernatural power of meeting friends, profs ( and for that matter whoever is remotely associated with Shahu ) in state transport buses. It was decided that Girish will have to go on a India tour, commuting strictly in state transport buses, to promote our Yahoo Group. ( Since he is bound to meet someone from our Shahu days ).

Manik : Still the loud mouth he used to be. Extremely funny and nice to talk with. One interesting fact.... he still remembers the roll numbers of gals from our batch. The problem is, he doesn't remember the names.

Amit : Soft-spoken, shy and very much the same Amit we remember. Nonetheless it was nice to catch up with him.

Manish : The only CA from our batch. If you guys don't remember, our man dropped out of Medical and Engineering after scoring those mind-boggling marks. He is practicing here at Pune and doing well. Stays silent most of the time but has the ability to crack real good one-liners when needed. He is the next one to get hooked.

Srihari : The only married guy I know from our batch. Keeps good knowledge about restaurants in Pune. So next time you land in Pune and don't know where to have your breakfast/lunch/dinner you know whom to ask.

To wrap it up, it was an evening which will stay with me for years to come.