Tuesday, September 14, 2004


The stay here in Hyderabad so far has been pleasant. Company provided guest house is cool with all the facilities. The only thing which is keeping the spirits down is the house hunt. I am looking for a 1 BHK flat/house near the HITEC city, but looks like Hyderabadis have inveterate antipathy for 1 BHK flats/houses. I am sure it will be a tough time on that front.

Coming to the important aspect. Food. Well since I am a big time fan of Andhra Style food, I am not having any problem on this front. Water is a bit of problem though. It's a bit heavy. My throat is itchy since I arrived here. All guys from Pune complained about this.

Infrastructure is average. The roads are good, but they are not wide. During peak hours it gets pretty tough and you have a traffic rage. Ahh, the roads are capable of confusing you and its better to ask someone if you find yourself lost. Two days back while coming back from Ameerpeth I was lost and did a nice long drive around Hyderabad. The journey which ideally takes 30 minutes took more than 2 hours. Neverthless it was a learning experience.

Crowd. Well, can't exactly say that I am impressed by Hyderabad crowd. Actually haven't had much time to socialize, so maybe in the days to come I will update on that. Girls. After staying in Bangalore and Pune my expectations were very high. I was disappointed. Not a single decent face. But I knew that was coming.

Office. Its cool. My machine was ready by the time I joined and within half an hour I was connected. Office team looks great. Haven't got any real work. Undergoing some web-based training. Induction is next week.

Some cool things about this place...
1) No time logs....So as long as I finish my work no one is going to ask me.
2) Desktop configuration. ( Intel Pentium IV/ 1 GB of RAM / DVD combo drive )
3) Office pantry. Its much better than the one in my previous organization.

Happened to meet some Bitsians after a long time. Met Tikam while having dinner at Southern Spice. He is still with Intelli. The same Tikam I remember. He was my senior in Vyas Bhavan. Thanks to Mogru, Tanmay, Gappi, Rajiv, Garvit ( all seniors ) me and couple of my friends always used to be in his wing during the fresher's period. He never ragged us though. Very shy and introvert guy. Very much the same now also.

Also met Deepa yesterday. My batchmate. Actually we hardly spoke to each other during our college days. But it was great to catch up with her. Hope to meet some more guys/gals from BITS.

That will be my first post from Hyderabad.