Monday, September 20, 2004

kill house_hunt

Search for my abode came to an end this Saturday. I am happy and relieved. Whole thing was getting on my nerves. Finally had to settle for a 2BHK flat. Its gonna be too BIG for me, but can't help it. Don't want to share my place with someone and as told earlier finding 1BHK flat in Hyderabad is like Finding Nemo in Pacific Ocean.

Went out with couple of friends on Saturday night. Had some good time around Hussain Sagar lake. There is a huge monolithic statue of the Budhha on a rock in the center of the lack. Impressive.

Some good news on the work front. After a gap of almost 3-4 years, I might have to work on Linux again. I am thrilled. I remember those good ol days in college when we were Linux freaks and spent innumerable nights trying to configure the X Server. Most of us had SiS card on our machines which was not supported by Red Hat Linux distribution then. Bringing up the X Windows was the coolest thing you could do. Look at the Linux installation now. As smooth as Windows installation.

Hoping to have some good time with LiNuX.