Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Hyderabadi Joke

A joke from a friend of mine who says that this is a real life incident. (I don't believe him)

My friend who is from Bangalore had some official work in Hyderabad. Our guy landed in Hyderabad and wanted to take an auto from Airport road to Banjara Hills. He headed for the auto stand outside the airport and came near the first available auto. Following is the conversation which took place between him and the auto guy.

Auto Guy : Kidhar jaana hai saab?
Friend : Banjara hills, chaaloge kyaa? ( With a Kannada accent )
Auto Guy : Haaau ( Pronounced as HOW)
Friend: Mereko kya puchata, HOW??? Tereko pata nahi????
Auto Guy : Mer ku pata saab. Iske kate to haau bola.

My friend didn't know that "Haaau" is "Yes" in Hyderabadi hindi.