Tuesday, December 07, 2004


I am deep into fixing some BUG when I hear the SMS tone from my cell. Irrespective of the importance of the task on hand you just can't resist yourself when you have a SMS.

So I open my cell INBOX. What I get is.....

"Dial 700 from Ur Airtel and talk to renowned Astrologers @ Rs9/min. To listen to Ur favorite devotional chants, dial 701 @Rs4/min from Ur Airtel"

What the *Beep*?

I am in deep shit and the Airtel buggers want me to talk to a renowned Astrologer and see if he or she can predict some timeframe by which the BUG will be fixed or better ,I listen to some devotional chants and let the Almighty take care of the BUG.

I get back to the stupid BUG and after about an hour I hear the SMS ring tone from the cell. Again.

We never learn from mistakes, do we?

I think it must be an important SMS from one of my 17 girlfriends from Hyderabad. So I again open the cell INBOX.....

"Call 646193 for atleast 3 mins/day & win 2X5 gm Gold Daily. Bumper prize of HondaCity, SantroCars. Listen to hilarious Telugu jokes. Conditions apply."

"Listen to hilarious Telugu jokes."

What a *beep* joke? Apart from "Ledu", I don't know a single word in Telugu.