Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Crazy days !!!

No time.

Boozing. Partying. Playing TT. Jamming. Coding. Sleeping. Sweating. Tripping. Listening. Talking. Loving. Longing. Waiting.

Keeps me busy.

BTW I missed Mark Knopfler's show :-( Its really SAD. One of the legends comes to India and I miss it !!! Really love the way he plays his guitar. Effortless. Arguably the most melodic guitarist. ( Ofcourse Dave Gilmour from Floyd is also there ) I will curse myself for days to come, for not attending the concert. But the timing of the show was weird. He performed on a Monday evening in Bangalore. I mean thats real crazy. Atleast they should have kept it on a Sunday evening. Anyways, its over now....