Thursday, May 12, 2005


Traffic sense is the least common of all senses in Hyderabadis. People here simply refuse to follow the traffic rules.

Question : How many guys can an auto rickshaw take?
Answer : Well, depends on the city you are from.

Can you believe that stuffing around 10 guys ( well grown, not mal-nutritioned) in an auto is very common in Hyderabad. Six guys in the back and four guys including the driver on the front. Yes, four guys in the front. ( Infact once I saw five guys in the front, three sitting on the driver seat and two clinging to the auto on one leg ) I am sure you won't believe it, you have to visit Hyderabad to believe it.

And need I mention the rash drivers of the QUALISs/SUMOs engaged in dropping the call center junta. Add to it the inherent apathy towards the poor traffic police, things go really wild on Hyderabad roads.

What we get in the end is a BIG MESS.

And you guys know whats the best part? After driving here for couple of months you also become one of them. Changing lanes, whenever you want. Pressing brakes, wherever you want. Hurling abuses, to whoever you want.