Friday, September 16, 2005

When The Levee Breaks

Finally we went Beta with our product yesterday. It has been one helluva roller coaster ride with this project. My IT friends here would agree with my sentiments, whenever a product you are associated with goes beta or in the market, you feel proud about it, irrespective of the number of bugs your code would have introduced in the otherwise stable product :-)

What next? Well, work is already planned, infact I am already neck deep into it. Thats one thing about work which amuses me, it's always there. Smiling and waiting for you. The more you work, the more you are rewarded with work. Which implies, as you keep working, work assigned to you is going to increase exponentially, leaving you hardly any time to freak out and do insane ( or should we say sane ) things in life.

Coming to the festive season. We have been cautioned by the authorities to stay inside our houses tomorrow and avoid visiting the hotspots for Ganesh visarjan. Wonder why? Someone said, communal riots. Sad. They should have said,"Stay inside, we are not capable enough." Nevertheless, I was never adventurous by nature so would stay inside and watch some flick.

As many of you requested to divulge more details about P, here it comes....hang on, I am not going to reveal her name.But you might be interested to know that in all probability we'll get hooked by year end. She is an architect by profession and works in Pune. And it feels great to be in Love(again).

Ok, its friday night and I have an excellent reason to party hard tonight. Have a rocking weekend.

(Just in case you are wondering what has the title got to do with the post. Nothing. Just the song I was listening to when I wrote this.)