Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Remnants And The Ruins

Some snaps from trip to Golkonda fort.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Summer Song

The heat is getting on my nerves now. When I go back to my flat in the night, its no less than a hot furnace ready to roast me alive. I happen to have a flat on the 5th floor, which also is the top most floor of the apartment. Purchasing a cooler was a necessity.

Eagerly waiting for the rain gods. I know its a bit early to expect rains, but you never know. Anyways the weather hasn't been following a fixed course lately with rains witnessed in February.

Coming to the news makers. Satch will be performing in Bangalore today at palace grounds. Yesterday, I saw one of his LIVE recordings, and was amazed to core. This guy is unbelievable when it comes to electric guitar. The way his fingers move on the fret board is mind-boggling. He can make it talk/cry. I am gonna miss him in action. Why God? Why do they organise rock shows on weekdays?

"Summer Song" happens to be my favorite song by the "Lord of The Strings".

Anyone saw him LIVE in action?

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Traffic sense is the least common of all senses in Hyderabadis. People here simply refuse to follow the traffic rules.

Question : How many guys can an auto rickshaw take?
Answer : Well, depends on the city you are from.

Can you believe that stuffing around 10 guys ( well grown, not mal-nutritioned) in an auto is very common in Hyderabad. Six guys in the back and four guys including the driver on the front. Yes, four guys in the front. ( Infact once I saw five guys in the front, three sitting on the driver seat and two clinging to the auto on one leg ) I am sure you won't believe it, you have to visit Hyderabad to believe it.

And need I mention the rash drivers of the QUALISs/SUMOs engaged in dropping the call center junta. Add to it the inherent apathy towards the poor traffic police, things go really wild on Hyderabad roads.

What we get in the end is a BIG MESS.

And you guys know whats the best part? After driving here for couple of months you also become one of them. Changing lanes, whenever you want. Pressing brakes, wherever you want. Hurling abuses, to whoever you want.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Back in Black !!!

You : Whats up?
Me : Nothing special. Life is just smooth.

You : Its been ages since you updated, why?
Me : Didn't feel like updating. That's all.

You : You haven't visited my blog.
Me : Yeah, didn't feel like doing that as well.

You : So what were you doing all these days?
Me : Nothing. Partying, Tripping. Sometimes working.

You : Good to have you back.
Me : Yeah, me also feels good.

You : What else?
Me : I want to get married.

You : What?
Me : I want to get married.

You : Why?
Me : What do you mean, Why?

You : I mean, all of a sudden.
Me : Well, I thought over it and feel like settling down.

You : Are you sure?
Me : Very positive.

You : So why this marriage and stuff all of a sudden.
Me : Don't know ya. Maybe I am tired of leaving alone.

You : You don't have to marry if you are tired of leaving alone.
Me : Yeah, but thats just one thing.

You : Well, what can I say? All the best.
Me : Thanks.