Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Games and Movies

During campus recruitment season, once we wrote written test for a company. There was this question in the test, what is NFS? I remember someone wrote Need For Speed. For the uninitiated, NFS was this very popular racing game which we used to play day and night. Ofcourse, the company for recruitment was looking for a different answer which had something to do with Network File System. Coming to the point, the makers of this game, Need For Speed ( Electronic Arts ) are planning to come up with games based on Tolkien'e epic LOTR. Check out the detailed news here.

Being a hardcore Tolkien fanatic, me looking forward to this. Talking about fanatics check this out. Some guy saw the latest Rajnikant flick for 100 days. Watching the same movie consecutively for 100 days, gawd. Kudos to the guy. The theatre guys presented him with a memento or something. He definitely deserves something more than that.

Monday, July 18, 2005

All My Love

Finally, I said something to "P" which I was pondering over for quite some time now. Am glad that its out now. We will be meeting up in the coming weekends and finalize things :-)

Sometimes, it takes a moment to clear all your doubts and take an important decision about something. Thats exactly what happened with me. I was in a denial mode earlier, don't know the reasons, but I was avoiding something which I shouldn't have. Anyways, good that things are clear and settled.

When I first met "P" about an year and half ago, I never thought we would get along so well. As they say, some things are just destined to happen.

Me happy.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Rain Song

Finally the rain gods answered my prayers and came with a thunder. Its been raining heavily since couple of days, and it feels good.

But call it irony, I haven't been able to enjoy this splendid climate much. The entire weekend was spent in the office trying to sort out issues and banging code. It gets on nerves I tell you. Try working on a weekend evening, and you will understand what I am talking.

Rainy season always reminds me of good ol Pune. Those outings to the places/forts near Pune used to be so thrilling. That reminds me, the first outing of this season will happen during the next weekend most probably, to a place called Sri Sailam, which is like 250Kms from here. Hope its good.

BTW saw Parineeta and would recommed it to everyone. Except the melodrama towards the climax, I enjoyed every bit of it. Vidya Balan is so cute and likable. Haven't seen Paheli. Some people tell me its load of crap, while some tell me its an awesome movie. Suggestions welcome. I used to hate Amol Palekar as a KID. But as I grew I kinda started liking his movies/acting skills. Same applies to Farooq Sheikh.

Also saw "Harold and Kumar go to white castle" recently, if you haven't seen this movie and enjoy slapstick, go for it. Laugh riot.

Will get back to work.....