Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Trip to Bangalooru....

Came back to Pune yesterday. The stay at Bangalore was pleasant thanks to the ever cool climate and buddies. I just love Bangalore. Can't seem to get enough !!! Visited the most talked about mall of the season...."The Forum" !!! Its cool.....I liked the multipurpose store landmark....I was looking for some Dave Matthews Band's tapes since ages and found them there.

Visit to Bangalore would have been incomplete without a visit to Maharaja. Went there twice with Nikhil.( Once for the delicious Andhra stype chicken biryani and once for the lunch ) One thing which I really miss in Pune is Maharaja's chicken biryani. I have had chicken biryani at "Tiranga" and some other place in Camp , but they are no real match to what I used to have at Maharaja's.

Ended the trip with a great party. Me, Sandy, Jayanth and Maddy visited this place called Bageecha which is on the outskirts of Bangalore. Nice ambience.....Decent food.....Costly booze. It was great to hear the brief account of Jayanth's shortlisted three candidates. Maddy has changed a lot, now he carries a mobile and keeps roaming in the hotel. Sandy was as cool as ever.

Friday, June 25, 2004


I am in Bangalore for some official work. It has been one hectic week for me. Shall update you guys once I am back in Pune. Till then....RoCk On !!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Blogger Code

My blogger code is....

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Click me for creating your blogger code.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Trip to Bedse Caves

We started at noon from campus. 19 team mates out of the 23 members in the team were present. ( Sameer, Reema, Harish and Mandar being the absentees ) We took the bypass from Hinjwadi and soon we were on the old Mumbai - Pune highway. Since everyone was used to the expressway, even the 20 kms stretch on this old highway was unbearable. However we tried to make the journey as smooth as possible by starting Antakshari....Some things never change. Bedse caves are 8-10 Km south of Rautwadi which is in Kale Colony while going towards Phagana Dam on the river Pawana near Kamshet.

Within no time we were at the base of Bedse caves. Decided to have our grub there. Senthil our official cook for the trip had cooked amazing Chicken masala which everyone enjoyed. We started our trek to the caves after that. It was drizzling a bit and we could see lots of crabs around. From the village a trail leads up to the base of the hill, and is followed by a 20 minute climb to the caves. In the monsoons (June-September) the path can be slippery. There is absolutely no accommodation or other facility at caves. If you plan to camp in the village or on the hillside you need to bring everything you require. Soon the senior members ( read old guys ) from the team were struggling to keep up with the junior members ( read young guys ). But after reaching the top we were rewarded by the amazing scenery around us. Just too good.

The caves are facing east so it is advisable to visit the caves early morning as in sun light the beauty of carvings is doubled. An unusual feature of the caves is the mass of rock in front to the chaitya that hides the main facade. Two imposing pillars at the entrance create a striking effect characteristic of ancient places of worship. The Caves today are not well cared of. But still their beauty definitely catches hold of an aesthetic mind. We clicked lots of snaps here, and decided to visit Phagana Dam.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Outing Planned

Had to finish a release today because of the planned trip tomorrow. Team has planned a outing to Bedse caves, which is around 30-40 kms from Pune on the Pune - Mumbai express highway. Should be fun. The only thing which is bothering me currently is the slight cold which I caught because of the drastic whether change in last few days. Anyways, I am planning to get wet in the rains if the Rain God continues His superb form. Will update all you fine people about the trip on Monday, maybe with couple of snaps. Till then have a nice time.....Enjoy your weekend !!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Monsoon is here

Its been a while I wrote.....Its been raining cats n dogs since Monday in Pune. I have never seen continuous rainfall of this magnitude before. Its a great relief from the scorching heat but I miss my daily dose of sun rays.

Got to finish some important work today....Will post after I am done with it.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Of Hobbits and Elves......

Check out this site.....


It generates your Hobbit and Elf name...

My Hobbit name : Hob Sandydowns
My Elf name : Círdan Eärfalas

Did I tell you that I am a LOTR fanatic. Have read the book thrice.....

Friday, June 11, 2004

Party Time

I love Fridays...arguably the best day of week...I start getting into the weekend mood right from Friday morning, but prep for CAT and attending IMS classes is what normally makes my weekend, still I enjoy it. You get to stretch out and think beyond defects and releases. Considering the level of pressure under which IT professionals work, I think we should have Wednesday off as well. It will be nice...You know work for Monday, Tuesday take a small break on Wednesday, again work for Thursday and Friday before heading for that eagerly awaited weekend. Soundz great isn't it....

Planning to read "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" again. Last time I read it, hardly got anything, it was an enriching experience though. Lets see how much I can grasp this time.

Read this on ET....( Dated June 11 2004, last page )

Did you know why the Post Office guys recalled their latest stamps?
They had pictures of marketing men on them, and people couldn't figure out which side to spit on.

Its funny, but at the same time I felt, it was a sick remark on someone's profession !!!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Why Title?

Hmmm...Finished a release yesterday. Am reading this book....Autobiography of LEE IACOCCA. Amazing autobiography....One of the best books I have read in recent times. He was president of FORD and was sacked for some stupid reasons. Dude joined CHRYSLER and saved it from bankruptcy. Great motivator this book is. After reading all the hard work he did, I kinda felt sad, people put so much of efforts to achieve and look at me. Funny isn’t it....Instead of inspiring, the book actually depressed me a bit.

My CAT preparation is going nowhere. After sitting infront of this stupid monitor for almost 9 to 10 hourse, its really tough to pull yourself together and do some prep at home. But I have to do it.....Come what may, I have to do it....

Read this oneliner somewhere "If Oppurtunity doesn't knock.....Build a door".

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

My FiRsT BlOg

Here I come !!!